Aéromax VM compact heat pump allows you to use aerothermy to heat the house efficiently

Aéromax VM compact heat pump

We are in an era in which many of us already think of the systems to heat the home, always with the cold in mind to combat the high temperatures. Air conditioners, even those models designed for the connected home, are protagonists at this time of year, a period that although it does not seem so is ideal to think about mounting a heating system at home.

At this time the demand is lower and the supply is wide. Systems to heat our house among which the aerotermia stands out, a type of air conditioning that now has a new model that is signed by the Thermor brand. It is the Aéromax VM heat pump.

What is aerothermia?

Aéromax VM compact heat pumpBut before continuing it is important to give a few brushstrokes that clarify what air-conditioning is for those who have not heard of the term. The aerotermia is a system that makes use of heat pumps that can cool in summer, heat in winter and offer hot water all year round. Its operation is based on extracting energy from the outside air by means of a high efficiency inverter heat pump and then transmitting it to the water that is supplied to the heating, cooling and sanitary hot water system. It is a clean technology that extracts up to 77% of the energy of the air.

The Aéromax VM is a heat pump that works with aerotermia designed for homes where space is not exactly an option to highlight. For this Thermor has launched a compact heat pump that looks similar to a thermos or boiler, can be placed on the wall.

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The Aéromax VM allows remote control of home temperature thanks to the adoption of the Cozytouch Bridge system with which we can control the equipment and the temperature of the heat pump from anywhere from our smartphone or tablet, whether Android or iOS.

Aéromax VM compact heat pumpThe Thermor heat pump also offers the Smart Control system. It is a function that allows the pump to learn from our day to day, adapting its operation to our daily life, to the consumption of water, at the moment in which we make more use of the system. The goal is to be prepared before we go to use it to avoid unnecessary consumption.

The Aéromax has a capacity of 150 liters and to improve performance includes five modes of intelligent regulation: Auto, Eco, Manual, Boost and Absence in a way that offers a consumption savings of up to 80%.

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