Free-standing wardrobes vs. fitted wardrobes

If you are struggling to decide what type of wardrobe will best fit your space, here are some pros and cons to help make that decision easier:

Free-standing wardrobes:
A large advantage of these models is that they are extremely portable. This is useful whether you move houses a lot, or just like to reconfigure your room every once in a while. Free-standing wardrobes give you the flexibility that you may need when your life changes too, such as changing a room from an office to a baby nursery. Another great thing about these wardrobes is that they are a lot more affordable and can cater to a multitude of budgets.

However, a disadvantage is that free standers can cause clutter and do not provide a large amount of space in most cases. Due to the fact most of these wardrobes will only contain a set of drawers and some hanging space, it can be easy to pile clothes on top of each other and create a disorganised space.

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The stability and durability of these wardrobes can be less reliable, and you could experience issues such. This is also because the materials they tend to be made of are relatively soft and damage can occur reasonably easily. Furthermore, free standers are really difficult to clean, and the small corners will accumulate dust very quickly.

Fitted wardrobes:
A fitted wardrobe is the perfect solution for the optimization of space and can fit specifically into the dimensions of your room. This includes any awkward corners or ceiling angles. Not only is this aesthetically pleasing and makes the design look seamless, but it means you will have more room elsewhere in the room for other storage.

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Bespoke Fitted Wardrobes give you the exciting freedom of customisation, even down to the smallest details. If you want a shoe rack for your collection or storage for your home gym weights, they can all be incorporated into your fitted wardrobe design. The aim of these bespoke pieces is to create a personalised haven where you have plenty of space to choose outfits with ease, look in the mirror and feel good!

Despite fitted wardrobes being significantly more expensive there are so many benefits to them that will give you a personalised and organised bedroom! Therefore, if it fits within your budget, then it is well worth the spend.

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