Philips SoundStage, home cinema that seeks to become the best friend of our televisions

Philips SoundStage

Philips has just introduced the new concept of home cinema SoundStage, which seeks to become the best friend of our TV, offering consumers a brilliant sound quality on a modern, minimalist and elegant. Consisting of a wooden cabinet with integrated speakers, the new Philips Soundstage will not only enjoy the sound of home theater, but also as a support for supporting the TV plan, up to 55 inches, becoming a new plug design for the hall. A product that meets the needs of users looking for the highest quality, but also a touch of design. Not surprisingly, technology has become an essential part of our daily lives and our leisure type also take preferred occupying places in our homes, which is why more and more computers and devices that eliminate cable is demanded, and take up less space They integrate seamlessly with the rest of the decor.

Philips SoundStage
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“The lack of space is evident in many homes today, why consumers want to save space with design solutions that further enhance its decoration” said Luis Suarez, head of communications at Philips Consumer Lifestyle. “With the development of this integrated solution, designed to sit under your TV, the new Philips SoundStage is able to offer not only a great theater experience at home, but also a considerable saving of space, hide cables and be consistent with the decor. SoundStage Philips home cinema is designed with high quality materials, which makes it to support the weight of large format flat screen TVs.”

The wood that is made ​​SoundStage Philips not only makes the product more attractive, but also provides superior sound quality. It incorporates a built-in subwoofer for a more intense and deep bass and home theater experience through the Virtual Surround Sound.

Not only home theater

The new Philips SoundStage is designed not only for movies but also to enjoy music wirelessly via Bluetooth and fill the room with the user’s favorite music. It also incorporates technology Near Field Communications, Android phones, allowing users to pair your phone with Bluetooth SoundStage by simply touching the home cinema once with the phone and still enjoy the best sound quality for all multimedia files stored in the terminal. Also it plays music in MP3 or WMA through the input USB, and for the more traditional, has a line input that allows you to connect to any audio source. Needless to say, the video game lovers can enjoy a much more intense and immersive surround sound thanks to the experience offered.

Easy to install and convenient

The installation is very simple thanks to its connection HDMI with it quickly and easily connect to the TV and HDMI CEC the user can also control the SoundStage using the TV remote.

Prominent features of the new Philips SoundStage

– Designed to place a flat above the TV.
– Made of wood, it is robust enough to withstand a large TV format
– System stereo 2.1 channel Dolby Digital and Virtual Surround Sound
– HDMI connectors for easy and simple installation
– Works perfectly with Blu-Ray, DVD, game consoles and other devices such as MP3 players
– Universal audio player, thanks the different possibilities of connection: Bluetooth, NFC, audio and USB reader for music files.

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