Who said OLED displays had to be curved? LG launches its first flat TVs


Apart from price, sure some of you have been impressed by the quality of OLED panels, much more if you had occasion to see one 4K / UHD, but in any case had a design factor which need not LIKE: curve.

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I am not really sure of all the offerings available on the market, but I am clear that almost everything that has gone out of the factories of LG and Samsung tended to have curvature in their panel. LG today introduced a new line TV, facing the IFA, and the new season, we find it flat TVs.

If your pocket you can, but you frustrated curve, LG now offers the latest flat TVs: OLED and 4K.

The two TVs really hit the market in September.We have a 55-inch model in the 55EF9500, and one 65 inches in the 65EF9500. The prices will not differ much from those that have corresponding curved versions – EF9600 series – moving between 5,500 and 7,000 dollars.

Yes, prices have fallen considerably in some supply OLED – spend $ 15,000 to $ 2,500 in a couple of years – but its resolution is in 1080, and in such large panels, 4K of the new models will end up making a difference.

To make clear the range, we have these two planar models – 9500 – their curved equivalents – 9600 -, and a top model with 77-inch curved, called EG9700, for which they will ask us $ 25,000. There is still EC9300 with Full HD panel, are $ 2,500.

HDR and webOS

As an added highlight in this generation of TVs, we have a system that represents a high dynamic range video. This HDR mode it will only plane models, with which they will take advantage of next albums Ultra HD Blu-ray , even improve emissions arrivals streaming services like Netflix or Amazon.

The start creating flat panels is a further step towards the democratization of technology, which will be produced in larger quantities. As is the case with Tizen Samsung, LG also goes to Google and its own operating system based on webOS 2.0 is mounted.

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