Samsung added the “HDR +” function to convert conventional HDR content on their smart TV


Samsung has announced that through a firmware upgrade its smart TVs offered for sale from this 2016 will allow users to activate a kind of function HDR “upscaling” conventional content.

The function will be called “HDR +” and arrange for a conversion to HDR (High Dynamic Range) of the contents no HDR through a series of algorithms that analyze frame by frame and touch up the brightness, contrast and colors in time real.

Image Source: Google Image

It is expected that the results are not as good as native content using HRD, but according to the company can improve dark scenes and with plenty of light adding more image quality which until now we had been receiving.

In addition, added new options for image management in the setup menu options allowing television that were previously not available to the user.

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The firmware will begin to be available from this month for SUHD 2016 models of the brand and the rest of 2016 UHD TVs will have to wait until September to see the available option from its user interface.

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