Tips for buying a pressure washer

Pressure Washer

washer is a device that pumps water under pressure through a nozzle in order to clean certain surfaces. The pumps are reciprocated and aspire and drive water alternately.

Buying a pressure washer

Probably, our knowledge of the configuration of the cleaners is not too large. However, if we are thinking with us or we already have, we need to know what kind of machine we have

Pressure Washer
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Generally there are two types:

  • Crankshaft: Where the movement of the pistons occurs via a crankshaft.
  • Axial: At the re-movement by means of an oscillating tray.

As for the engine, we can find various kinds:

  • (The most common) electric motors…
  • Hydraulic motors.
  • Transfer to the PTO of agricultural machinery.
  • Internal combustion engines. (Gasoline engine consumes less but it’s big, noisy and sometimes presents problems start).

We can use the pressure washer to clean cars, motorcycles and even bicycles. So far all we got, but what many do not know is that we can use for pickling sandblasting with a stripper in a bucket of sand and silica sand. And that’s when the utility of our washer is increased because we can use it to clean up a dirty wall or barbeque.

But the benefits do not end here because this device also serves to clean the pipes. The water pressure and a plunger pipe we get rid of all the dirt, it is pushing forward. The bigger our washer will be faster the process, since it will increase the pressure.

Eye to the products we use in the washer, be neutral PH. We can find ready-made and take away from future problems. We must also be alert to the type of gun use because there are some exclusive uses that could damage our stuff or not work as well as that designed specifically for the type of cleaning you want to perform.

Buy a pressure washer is a good idea because it is inexpensive and reported a number of features. However, before going to the store it is advisable to define what our needs are and what benefits should answer machine. Once we have established these points, we have to go to a store to ensure that its cleaners are within the law, especially as regards the safety and protection of the environment; and to provide us with security and information.

What do you think these keys to buy a pressure washer?

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