Xiaomi TV grows to 60 inches, it takes the brain to the speakers

Xiaomi TV

Although not enjoy here, to have them Xiaomi TV well controlled. They are one of its flagship devices, mainly to bring the good specifications lounge and latest technology, accompanied by a good design, all provided without going to the price.

The MiTV three had been submitted before the summer, but had remained in a maximum size of 55 inches. For anyone looking for something bigger, people of Xiaomi has decided that there is room for 60 inches in its catalog, pulling people from LG to create the main part of the device, the screen.

Xiaomi TV
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TV grows in size and is updated, but the most important innovations come with the sound system “smart”

As it would not be otherwise, because you do a TV end of 2015, you stick 4K – 3.840×2.160 pixels -. Entering pure and hard specifications, the panel said that boasts 178-degree viewing angles, a contrast of 1,200: 1, a response time of 8 milliseconds, and a representation of 85% NTSC color.

LG also donates its technology MEMC (Motion Estimation Motion Compensation), which makes the screen action smoother.

Specifications aside, the TV is really striking for its design, with a thickness of only 11.6 mm at its thinnest point, rising to 36.7 mm in the lower zone. The finish – gold with a diamond pattern – they see in the pictures is made of aluminum, and in the back is placed a metal plate to save the whole design.

The brain Soundbar

Knowing that the TV you can last long, but the processing power could be improved, Xiaomi has been the most important to the sound bar circuitry.

Say it is more logical to change that part every 18 months, no TV, which can coexist with us a decade. Moreover, the price of the screen is 70% of all economically more profitable to change the brain.

Obviously what we want is that the sound bar is sold separately and life to older, also projectors TVs. On your own it is also very interesting, consisting of six speakers: two tweeters and four 2.5-inch woofers.

What’s so smart the pileup? For there is a chipset MStar four cores running at 1.4 GHz (Cortex-A17), a Mali 760 GPU carries 2GB of RAM and 8GB of internal memory. They appear sufficient to move MIUI TV (on Android 5.1) also able to handle 1080p 60 frames per second in H.265 format.

Connectivity is also quite worked, plus the portion of connectors leads section, we have a My Port, with links called my cable TV with the sound system, and it takes nothing more between them.

The speakers are licensed by Dolby MS12 feature Virtual technology surrond Sound and Bass Boost. Ready full connectivity of the bar: WiFi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac, Dual-band 2.4 / 5 GHz, Bluetooth 4.1 LE, My Port, 3 x HDMI 2.0, AV, VGA, 1 x USB 2.0 1 1x USB 3.0, Ethernet.

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