Xiaomi dares to do anything, even with smart washing machines


A server discovered while the Xiaomi mark (or Mi as it is called now) and tried their kindness with my first mobile brand, a Mi2S that analyzed and gave me an excellent result. And if little less than crossed out before me crazy for buying a “Chinese” telephone, now fans of the brand increase beyond its borders and not only thanks to mobile phones.

The last and surprising product that has been added to the already extensive family Mi has been nothing less than an intelligent machine called MiniJ. Washing machine can control from the mobile and is anything but a conventional appliance.

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The washing machine is an appliance MiniJ Xiaomi small dimensions and which is intended for laundering clothes to 2.8 kilos. Thus we are already doing the idea that there is a washer to use, as a rule the household admit about 8 kg load. But it is that its size is a portable machine, with 500 mm wide, 630 mm high and 415 mm background. A door of 38 cm in diameter and weighing 34 kilos complete the dimensions of this new product from Xiaomi.

Among other properties also features child lock, energy efficiency Level 2 and controlled from the phone, so we can start a wash cycle even if we are not at home. Moreover, it seems to be fairly quiet, with a noise of 53dB during spinning at 700 rpm according to its website.

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MiniJ Xiaomi washer also has a washing function at high temperature, reaching 95° C and is capable of substantially sterilizing the clothes. The washer 14 includes different washing programs addition, this first washer 14 includes Xiaomi washing programs that can be selected and controlled through the application Mi. The intelligent machine uses a Amotec Kore DD inverter motor, with shock absorbers supplied by the same German company that provides shock absorbers for the Mercedes Benz E – Class

If you are looking for credit card to try to buy one, Xiaomi has launched this product in your crowdfunding platform, but it seems that is already more than surpassed at this point to keep 924% of the money needed for their manufacture. For more visit http://wolff-tech.com/

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