The future of television? One that is capable of activating all respects

The future of television

Imagine a party on a warm summer evening: you can visualize the green and the sun, the smell of freshly cut grass and refreshing drinks and suddenly feel like someone comes from behind and gives you a tap the shoulder. Now imagine you are not in the party but in the living room of your house and everything you perceive comes from TV.

The future of television
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For developers like me who raised how television can be in the future, one of the key questions is how can television programs stimulate all our senses. However, the biggest challenge is not to imitate what happens on TV, but use smells, tastes and textures in innovative ways to enhance the emotional experience of a program, as does a soundtrack.

There is reason to consider how to improve the television industry in this regard. Despite the popularity of the offer online, they are billions of people who still use traditional methods of transmission. Television remains a powerful format when creating programs with their own guidelines and restrictions.

However, more and more people look for TV shows on the network from their tablets or from their phones once, they have been broadcast. Some even resort to using multiple screens to display multiple contents at a time. Television networks have to create new ways to experience television capture to grab the attention of viewers introducing them in a multisensory world.

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Experimenting with the senses

How to create compelling television to stimulate all our senses it is not an easy task. Developers and manufacturers know how to design their products so you can display depth and distance on the screen. However, the sound and vision are sometimes not enough. The ability to perceive the same odor that the character on the screen or feeling the same objects or the same environment can create excitement and suspense in the same way it already does now sound.

The world of cinema and takes time experimenting with other ways. In theaters with 4DX technology. Taste seems to be the last frontier of technological development, although interest in flavors has started to become popular. For example, viewers of Edible cinemas (edible film) receive a package with food and beverages that meet the experiences of the characters on the big screen.

The question is what are the multisensory experiences that should promote the TV industry and how. The laboratory Sussex Human Computer Interaction seeks to understand how we use our senses for designers and developers to help us interact with technology in the most convincing way.

Our latest work focuses on cutting-edge technology such as air or perception device “haptic” developed by Ultrahaptics, a company of Bristol (UK). We examine how this technology could trigger emotions in viewers without having to touch anything.

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For example, projecting ultrasound beams in hand you can create multiple tactile sensations, like you fall drops of water in the palm of the hand (without water) or a blast of air as if you get the crucial hand out the window of a car running. If designed well, this type of haptic feedback can be more detailed and offer different ways to resize or move quickly.

Emotional response

When experimenting with different ways, we have analyzed how such feedback can produce different emotions. The study reveals that by small pulses of air into the area of the thumb, the index finger and the palm can generate excitement. This is the starting point for determining how to integrate sensations air in other experiences, such as watching a movie. One challenge is to get this feedback to improve the visual experience without being intrusive or foreign, as proposed in the dystopian novel “Brave New World”.

Projecting ultrasound beams in hand, you can create multiple tactile sensations, like you fall drops of water in the palm of the hand (without water)

We recently launched a project to add the taste, smell and touch on research. The Sensex project aims to provide guidelines and tools to design and integrate sensory stimuli for developers to create better interactive experiences, such as the television 9D (adding flavors 4DX) that can arouse emotions in all our senses. Visit for more updated news.

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