TRENDnet TWC-L10, a surveillance camera with LED bulb designed to go unnoticed


TRENDnet has announced the launch of a new surveillance system designed to go unnoticed in the home because it is embedded in a LED bulb. It is the TWC-L10 model and integrates, in addition to an HD IP camera with WiFi an LED light, both controllable from the mobile.

The device has an adjustable base length so that we can install it in all types of lamps, whether recessed or ceiling. The camera has a resolution of 720p and is capable of recording videos at 30 fps sent to the mobile or stored in a MicroSD memory of up to 64 GB.

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It has a 360 degree fish-eye wide angle and is capable of sending alerts to the smartphone when it detects movement in the surveillance area. It has two-way audio and the LED light consumes 6 watts offering an illumination equivalent to 40 watts of an incandescent.

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It has a color temperature of 300K and 360 lumens of intensity. In addition, we can control the ignition and operation of the camera from the ReadyView application of the brand for mobile terminals.

Price and availability

The new LED camera-bulb TWC-L10 is already available in the United States (presumably soon also in other markets) for a maximum recommended price of $114.99.

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