How to choose the right LED bulb for every need

LED bulb

After seeing what the LED lighting and types of LED bulbs that can be found is also good to know how to choose the right according to the use or need. To do this we must take into account different aspects such as real power in lumens, the opening angle, temperature and light installation we have at home.

The light output

A lumen is the unit used to express the amount of light that is capable of generating a light bulb. The problem is that the lack of binding by manufacturers not to unify criteria so we can have some problems. However, the theory tells us that an LED is able to generate on its own between 60 and 90 lumens. Any value above is false or low or very optimal circumstances. As data, the record generated by LED lumens was 150 lm / w. For Lumens generates an LED bulb there is a small formula:

Actual lumens = The number of watts x 70.

70 being an average value that matches most of the bulbs in the market. Therefore, an LED bulb 12W offer a light output of 840 lm. Which would replace the light that generates a 60W incandescent bulb? As you can see generating the same amount of light for each saved 48w incandescent bulb that we replace.

LED bulb
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With this table you can have more or less a clear idea of watt bulb should have an LED light to replace incandescent, halogen or fluorescent.

The opening angle of light

One of the problems that LED lighting is the opening angle offered. This forces us to look well and specifications recommended by the manufacturer uses. The good news is that the optical technology used in LEDs has improved so much that now found capable of illuminating bulbs they alone an entire room

If you buy bulbs LEDs whose opening angle is 40º get a more focused light that would be ideal to illuminate specific points as a picture, display, etc… Therefore, for a room we need to get a light bulb with 120 degrees of openness that is suitable for rooms. Yes, possibly we will have to use more than one if the dimensions are larger than normal.

The color temperature

Degrees Kelvin indicates the type of color will have the light of our light bulb. Depending on the number we can get three types of light: warm white, pure white and cool white. Each color usually has a more or less practical application. The cold white is ideal for installing in places where white light is needed and that the maximum possible light as can be the garage, the pure white is indicated for use in bathrooms, kitchen or workplace. Finally the light yellow color, warm white, is suitable for bedrooms, living room, etc. because it offers a kind of light over environment.

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When we go to buy a light bulb we can check the temperature in degrees Kelvin to know what kind of light you will. If you are environments to be a warm white 3000K, 4500K is pure white and cool white 5800K. And each will decide what kind of light you would most like long stay where it is to use. Interesting is also the use of Dimmers to create atmosphere to be able to regulate the intensity and thus the amount of light generated by the light bulb.

However, on tastes there is nothing written and each will choose light tone you like best?


Not everyone at home the same installation of lights. Some use incandescent bulbs, fluorescent or halogen lamps other. It is important to review our facility and we informed about how much we can reuse and what would be better to change.

In the case of some halogen lamps it is important to review the transformers. First, because of a transformer such time we can “hang” several LEDs bulbs to take 50, 60 or more watts to power the new offer LEDs consume only 10 or 12W per bulb. Second because it is better just remove them and place a LED bulb which connects directly to the network 220V.

Similarly if we dimmers is very important that our LED bulb is compatible, for it is usually indicated on the box mediate the word DIMMABLE.

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