How to hang a wreath on your front door

The practice of hanging wreaths has surged in popularity over recent years, adding charm, style, and a traditional vibe to front doors across the country. Wreaths can be tailored to suit any home, whether traditional, contemporary, or country cottage.
The unbroken circle of a wreath can symbolise the cycle of the sun or the moon, infinity, wholeness, or the changing seasons.

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How to hang a wreath

An important factor to consider when placing your wreath is how it will be secured to your door whilst ensuring that the door itself does not become damaged. Here are some ways to secure a wreath without resorting to nails:

A ribbon adds a further splash of colour and decoration to your wreath. Feed it around the wreath, up and over the doorway and then secure the ribbon on the inside of the door. The doorway provides extra security, ensuring that your wreath does not go astray.

Attaching a wreath to an already-existing door knocker or letterbox with ribbon or string is a great solution, especially for the DIY-shy.

Attaching to an aluminium door or a glass panel door is quick and easy using a magnetic wreath hook.

Self-adhesive hooks or ‘command strips’ are an easily repositionable, non-damaging way of attaching a wreath. Peel off the backing paper, place it into your desired position and hang the wreath from it.

Use a quality suction hook, ensuring that it is not so strong that it becomes difficult to detach.

Composite doors

Composite doors Stroud or elsewhere are available in a huge range of colours, with matching hardware and decorative glass. They make a perfect style statement and backdrop to your decorative wreath. Composite doors Stroud are solid, durable, hardwearing and can last up to 35 years with the correct maintenance.

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A well-styled and inviting front door adds instant kerb appeal to your home and may even add value to your property. Whether you prefer a classic, monochrome look or a bright and bold statement, it has never been easier to customise your door to your exact tastes.

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