Maintenance Tips for Double Glazed Windows and Doors

Here are some tips to help you maintain your double glazing whether that is your doors or windows:

Glass Cleaning

  • Before cleaning your windows, remove all jewellery.
  • Use a microfibre soft cloth to apply window cleaners. If the cleaner doesn’t work on heavy external dirt, warm soapy water should be enough.
  • The same method can be used to clean glass that has been laminated, or is in the Georgian style.

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Rubbing compound can remove many scratches from your glass.

Frame cleaning UPVC

Conservatory Cleaning

  • No solvents or abrasive cleaning agents should be used.
  • Cleaning UPVC frames, rafters and roofing components is the same as cleaning UPVC frames.
  • Clear gutters of debris and leaves to avoid the risk of overflowing water or pooling.

Brass parts

  • The brass components are pre-treated in a protective lacquer layer.
  • The lacquer can peel off or tarnish with normal use. Keep any chemicals that you use for brass away from UPVC.

Misting up is a problem.

A failure of the seal is one of the most common causes of misting or “breaking down” of sealed double-glazed units. This could be due to a poor installation, the use of the wrong cleaning product or extreme weather conditions. The seal will leak excess moisture when it deteriorates. This process will only begin when the sun shines on the glass. The heat from the sun causes the moisture to rise as condensation. You’ll have to replace your glass as it gets worse. For windows and Composite Doors Bridgwater, go to

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Having UPVC double glazing doesn’t always solve the underlying problem of condensation. The presence of water vapour is a natural result of breathing and living conditions. Following these suggestions can help you deal with condensation.


  • Regular opening of the window will provide much-needed ventilation.
  • Installing a ventilator in areas with problems, such as bathrooms and kitchens, can be beneficial.
  • Air flow can be improved by installing wall vents in high-moisture environments.


Keep the bathroom and kitchen doors closed to prevent excessive moisture from entering other parts of your home.

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