Four Things to do To Prepare for the Autumn and Winter

Summer is over and as we move into autumn, there are lots of things that we can do to help us through the colder months of the year. Here are some of the things that you can start doing as autumn arrives to benefit you and your home…

Take Care of Your Health – The colder weather and the reduced hours of daylight herald the start of the illness season, when germs seem to go around a lot more. This is a time of year to start taking good care of your body and your immune system, so eating well and making sure that you are getting all of your vitamins is very important.

Cook hearty meals with plenty of seasonal produce – vegetable packed soups and stews are a must at this time of the year. Supplements like vitamin D and elderberry cordial also boost your vitamins that help to keep your body fighting fit through the winter.

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Get your Heating Checked – As it gets chilly outside, we need to keep our homes warm. If you haven’t used your heating throughout the summer, it may have developed some problems. It is best to get it checked at this time of the year by a professional like this Tewkesbury boilers company, who will be able to make sure that everything is working and safe. If it is not, then you will be able to get it repaired before it gets really cold, reducing the likelihood of having your heating break down in the midst of the winter!

Embrace Autumn Crafts – Being creative can really help to banish the winter blues and there are lots of crafts that you can do at this time of the year. Why not learn to knit and make some cosy knitted clothes to wear in the winter, or some warm blankets for the home? You could also create autumnal decorations made with things that you have found in the countryside such as pinecones and coloured leaves.

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Get your Garden Ready – Now is the time to prepare the garden for the chilly winter ahead. Clean off garden furniture before putting it away in a sheltered spot for the winter, and make sure that any delicate plants are safely tucked away in a greenhouse or covered over to protect them from the cooler conditions.

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