The first OLED TV Loewe commitment to HDR, sound quality and stratospheric prices


Last month the select luxury brand Loewe announced its intention to enter the small number of companies betting on technology honeycombs OLED for its new TV models.

Few details were known about the dubbed Bild 7, television focused on a market with pockets full budget that would incorporate the latest of the latest picture and sound.

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If you recall, Bild 7 will use technology honeycombs OLED LG in configurations of 55 and 65 inches adding support HDR (high dynamic range) version 10, but also with the “UHD Premium” certificate, which will play content Dolby Vision when available.

The Loewe Bild 7 also mount a triple digital TV tuner to create our own program schedule on the internal hard disk 1 TB expandable to 2 TB and from which we can deliver streaming through the local network.

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A sound height

One of the outstanding features of the new TV will be the audio section, because despite its thin thickness of 7 mm mount a soundbar motorized 120W, which is behind the TV when not in use.

It can be used as the sound system for mobile terminals with Bluetooth connectivity. In addition, the Bild 7 can run integrated with other wireless speakers brand to create a bar surround sound setup 2.1, 3.1 or 5.1. To know more visit

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