Velux launches a smart window system to improve the home climate control intelligently

Velux smart window

We have seen through these pages different examples of intelligent window systems, a catalog that is slowly growing to try to open a gap in our homes. And it is necessary to recognize that there are very few houses that integrate any solution of this type.

The latest proposal comes from the hand of two manufacturers who have worked together to develop an intelligent window system. Under the name Velux Active with Netatmo, the companies Velux and Netatmo have an intelligent system that regulates the windows of the house by means of sensors to be controlled from our smartphone or tablet.

Velux smart window

Intelligent climate control

For this they have a system of intelligent sensors that are responsible for monitoring and controlling environmental factors within the house. For example, these sensors record the CO2 concentration, humidity or home temperature and depending on the results obtained, you look for the best conditions.

They monitor factors such as temperature, humidity and concentration of CO2 inside the home to improve air quality, climate, ventilation and sunscreen, creating healthier living conditions. These data are sent to the cloud and thanks to the meteorological information used by the company’s algorithms (algorithms that activate ventilation and protect against heat.), Velux windows are able to open and close according to the weather conditions, accumulation of CO2, temperature and humidity.

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Compatible with HomeKit

The system is also remotely controllable thanks to its integration with Apple’s HomeKit platform. In this way you can manage the home climate remotely through all Apple devices, including iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV and HomePod. A control that supports the use of Siri by means of verbal commands.

As a complement, Velux Active with Netatmo has its own application through which we can manage the entire interior climate control system, according to the user’s personal needs at all times and the external meteorological data.

Velux smart window

Price and availability

The system is integrated by a switch, a device with sensors and a hub, which allows compatibility with all Velux awnings and automatic blinds. The price of this pack is 249 dollars can acquire additional sensors sold for 99 dollars a unit, as well as more switches, with a price of 49 dollars each. It is also compatible with all Velux Integra electrical products

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