Built-in dishwasher: Which to buy? The guide to the best

Built-in dishwasher

Which built-in dishwasher to buy? Many models and specifications to consider, let’s see together the best models on the market.

We do not exaggerate in saying that the dishwasher is one of the most useful inventions in the world and welcomed with more pleasure by housewives (and not only them) of the whole world. There are those who live alone but always have little time, those with a large family, those who just hate to waste time washing dishes by hand, the dishwasher takes away a lot of work and has significantly improved the quality of life to those who usually they take care of their home. From its invention to mass diffusion in all homes, the dishwasher has undergone changes and improvements so much that it is now on the market in a large number of different models. There are also compact ones, for those interested.

While this is a good thing, on the other hand, those who find themselves thinking about which dishwashers to buy will easily find themselves full of doubts and questions by reading product labels. With this article we want to clarify the characteristics to be evaluated to buy a dishwasher and help you with the reviews of the best built-in dishwashers that can be found on Amazon.

What is a built-in dishwasher?

Built-in dishwashers are now very popular in modern kitchens. What do you mean? We are simply talking about those dishwashers that fit inside a piece of furniture and are not in sight. In this way the appliance is completely camouflaged with the style and design of the rest of the kitchen, so as to make it difficult to recognize it. The standard size is 60 cm in width, 81.5 / 82 cm in height and 55/57 cm in depth. The built-in dishwashers are subdivided into: total disappearing dishwasher and partially hidden.

  • Total disappearing dishwasher: This type hooks onto the external wooden panel, completely hiding the appliance so as to allow total camouflage. The dishwasher controls are located at the top of the door. Until we open it the buttons remain invisible. They are very discrete!
  • Partially hidden dishwasher: In this case we will have the visible controls, since the external panel leaves them uncovered going to cover only the underlying part of the appliance.

The other category of dishwashers that do not fit in the “built- in” model are called “free-standing” because they can be placed anywhere and have their own closing door with the controls. Once you have chosen the type of disappearing dishwasher that is right for you, you can pass on to the various technical features of the many models. If you want to get an overview of the best dishwasher manufacturers, here you will find our dedicated guide.

Built-in dishwasher

Built-in dishwasher: Energy class

The most important technical data to be evaluated is that related to the energy class. Particular attention allows to avoid waste of energy safeguarding the environment. According to a directive, appliances are classified according to a class of energy consumption that goes from the letter “A” (low consumption) to the letter “G” (high consumption). Since 2010, three other classes have been added: A +, A ++ and A +++. Do you think that an appliance A ++ can consume up to 50% less energy than a class A. A class A dishwasher, has a consumption of 1.15 kWh / cycle, a class A + has a consumption of0.98 kWh / cycle, a class A ++ has a consumption of 0.91 kWh / cycle, while a class A +++ has a consumption of 0.84 kWh / cycle. Assuming 280 standard washes in a year we can define the costs in this way …

  • Class A in one year consumes 0.287 x 280 = $ 80.36
  • Class A + consumes 0.245 x 280 in one year = $ 68.60
  • Class A ++ in one year consumes 0.227 x 280 = $ 63.56
  • Class A +++ in one year consumes 0.21 x 280 = $ 58.80

So we can see how between class A and class A ++ there is an annual saving of $ 21.56. It is now essential to consider belonging to class A when considering which built-in dishwashers to buy. On the energy label on the dishwashers, the scale of energy efficiency also evaluates, with the same parameters, the quality of the washing and the effectiveness of the drying. Other data reported on the label are: the consumption of water in liters, the number of seats and the noise expressed in decibels. The appropriate label with all this information must be found on the appliance and do not forget to read it.

Built-in dishwasher: Performances and programs

Now, thanks to the intervention, even the simplest and cheapest dishwasher guarantees a minimum level of efficiency. Depending on your needs, of course, we can find more advanced and safer models. For example, some dishwashers can, thanks to specific sensors, analyze the level of dirt and automatically select the best possible washing program. Let’s see what are the washing programs that can be found on the dishwashers …

  • Complete program: As the name implies, this program is the longest existing and includes pre-washing and drying;
  • Daily program: To be used for everyday needs, suitable for dishes not particularly dirty with a shorter duration than the standard one described above;
  • Crystal program: Specifically dedicated to cleaning glassware;
  • Short program: The quickest one to use when the dishwasher is low and we need a fairly shallow wash. Does not include drying;
  • Eco program: This solution minimizes consumption but lengthens the cycle time;
  • Prewash: Short and light program to use to soften the deposits to be removed later with a longer program.

Built-in dishwasher

Built-in dishwasher: The load

The load capacity is the amount of crockery that the baskets can withstand. Despite the external dimensions of the dishwasher (which are usually 60cm) the load can go from a minimum of 12 covers up to a maximum of 16 seats, depending on the organization of internal baskets. Some models, not the most basic ones but the most modern and advanced ones, offer three different loading possibilities to choose when we use a non-full load wash. Instead of postponing the washing in a total way to when we can completely fill the dishwasher, in this case we can immediately clean the little we have soiled and choose between …

  • Simple load: Washing using only one basket;
  • Differentiated load: We can choose which basket (upper or lower) to use and then load;
  • Automatic loading: The dishwasher is able to understand the amount of crockery loaded and to adjust the consumption automatically based on it.

Built-in dishwasher: Noise

One of the features to pay more attention to is the noise level of the dishwasher. As already mentioned, this data can be read on the mandatory label applied to the appliance. The silence of the dishwasher is not to be underestimated not only to avoid unnecessary hassles but also because a low level of decibel allows you to use it at night and thus limit the consumption of electricity. The most modern dishwashers also feature specific night-time functions that make the appliance even quieter. When checking this data, remember that the average sound emissions for this type of appliance range between 33 and 42 decibels.

Which built-in dishwasher to buy: Brands

 When it comes to household appliances or objects of a certain value whose costs are not at all ridiculous even for the most basic models, we always recommend that you take the brand into consideration. After evaluating all the features mentioned above, we evaluated the brand, its history and its reliability. In this case the brand is also synonymous with high quality, reliability, durability of the product and easier repair and replacement of any components that can fail. Among the most famous and recommended brands we find: Whirlpool, Hotpoint, Bosch, Electrolux and Candy.

Built-in dishwasher: Some tips

Once you have decided which built-in dishwasher to buy, it is useful to know also some practices in order to extend its duration and efficiency. In short, to keep them as new as long as possible. For example, pay attention to cleaning, both external and internal. The exterior can be cleaned with a damp cloth and a non-abrasive detergent. While for the inside we can do a short wash with a little vinegar; thanks to this procedure you can also eliminate any bad odors. Whenever the dishwasher is used, it is always necessary to ensure the presence of salt and the rinse aid. Let’s move on to the “real” reviews of the best built-in dishwashers.

Dishwasher Candy 1L38-02: Economic total disappearance

Built-in dishwasher

Total built-in recessed dishwasher with standard dimensions, class A +, with simple and intuitive controls. This model of dishwasher is particularly appreciated for the ease of installation and use and for the economic price. Despite the low price, the dishwasher guarantees quality and efficiency. The dishwasher is equipped with various washing programs, from the longest and most complete to the fastest one that lasts less than half an hour but at the same time guarantees excellent results for the loading of crockery usually used by a family of 3-4 people. Regarding the noise the Candy washing machine is not completely silent but still ensures a low level and absolutely bearable.

Electrolux dishwasher: Impeccable design and silver color

Built-in dishwasher

Built-in dishwasher of energy class A +, silent, and equipped with 5 washing programs : Intensive 70 degrees, Rapid 30 min 65 degrees, Normal 65 degrees, Eco 50 degrees and Soaking. The appliance is equipped with an acoustic warning device at the end of the cycle, Pure Crystal system (anti-opaque glass and crystals), safety system and consumption reduction system based on the load. We specify a detail that has sometimes been misunderstood by customers: being the total disappearing dishwasher, it is not equipped with a panel of its own but you will have to provide to attach it to that of your kitchen.

Dishwasher Hotpoint LTB 4B019 EU: The quietest!

Built-in dishwasher

Dishwasher of energy class A +, washing performance A and drying A. Silent, capacious and provides excellent cleaning with 4 different programs (soaking, eco, normal and intensive) that are easy to understand and set up and cover the main and most important needs. The ECO washing, which guarantees the greatest energy savings, lasts about 2 hours and a half. It is a dishwasher that combines good quality, a good level of cleanliness and the presence of the necessary features while maintaining a low cost.

Whirlpool PH Dishwasher ADG301: The slim of only 45 cm

Built-in dishwasher

In this case it is a slim model because the width is only 45cm and allows the washing of 10 covers instead of the usual 13. Despite its small size this dishwasher has 6 washing programs, the half load function and also the delayed start that allows to postpone the washing up to 12 hours. The Whirlpool Slim model comes with a height-adjustable upper basket and a crockery holder that can be placed anywhere on the lower rack. Excellent product, silent and easy to use.

Bosch dishwasher: Freestanding and TOP of the range

Built-in dishwasher

We also mention her, although it is not built-in, but rather a free-standing dishwasher. This Bosch is a top of the range, high performance, more functionality and attentive to design and detail. Super silent, cleans thoroughly and is equipped with three shelves; the third basket at the top cannot be adjusted but can be removed, while the second can be adjusted. Its greater capacity makes it possible to hold up to 14 covers and the washing programs are even 8, suitable for every need. Despite the particularity of being digital, it is easy to use and easy to program. To crown the whole energy class of this Bosch dishwasher that is A ++, i.e. the one that allows the lowest energy consumption.

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