Is the best TV on the market? LG has a 77-inch OLED screen asking for $25000


If you draw attention TVs with OLED technology we have no one to look at LG, which is the stronger is betting on this type of panels in large format, and as you can see by the title of this article, that size can be very large.

One thing is that companies show us their wonderful art televisions, another is that offered for sale, and more important is to know how much we will charge for them. The model in question is the highest it has LG in the catalog, by size and technology, so do not expect an affordable price: are asking $ 25,000 for its 77-inch (76.8″).

We cannot place it as official and final price is what we have found for sale on Amazon, and serves as a reference to check the jump with the model itself knew, that of 65 inches – OLED65G6P -, for which LG is asking $8000. Another important fact is known that the model is already being distributed, even in the United States.

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Being more specific with the TV must say that by the name of LG OLED77G6P, and regardless of size, is special to be part of the Signature product family. There the finest gadgets include LG, and this G6 can boast of a very special design , as its striking base with integrated speakers – Harman Kardon -, or a thickness of 2.57 mm at its thinnest area.

As for technical specifications, you can imagine the latest in panels OLED 4K resolution, Vision and Dolby HDR support, and the latest, webOS 3.0 operating system. For which he was asking its forms, it is clearly seen in the image: it is flat.

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Samsung has much to say

Log in to discuss what is the best TV you can buy, leaving aside the budget, it is almost always complicated. With this LG sure you’d be right, and that Samsung has gone from OLED technology in this size, but that does not mean they do not have alternatives, their tales SUHD are at or open technology, boasting a performance superior color and design HDR – oriented play: 78 inches out for 9,000 dollars.

I am not a specialist in television, but I think the fight is not just to say that LG is OLED and is therefore better. I’ve been reading articles in which he defends the lighting used in the SUHD panels is much higher, reaching 1.000nits, something ideal for working with the HDR. Yes, the contrast level of the LG will be unmatched.

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