6 tips to save on air conditioning

save on air conditioning

Saving energy is not only good for the fight against climate change, so it is for our pocket. Thus, look for energy efficiency becomes a need for more sustainable development.

How to save on air conditioning?

The air conditioners have become commonplace in many homes. Therefore, sustainable use and energy efficiency are fundamental to save emissions into the atmosphere and money.

save on air conditioning
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Want to learn tricks to save on air conditioning?

1 – Look at the label: In other articles, we talked about the ‘vampire appliances’ and spending that eventually pose a home. Although starting out cheaper, in the long term we will pay. Air conditioning efficiency can save up to 60%more than a conventional one.

2 – Monitors and regulates the temperature must be comfortable in our home, and it is important to know that the most suitable temperature is 22 ° C.Consider that each degree of more(lower temperature) than say, can come to increase spending on the bill up to 8%.

3 – Keep your device always in good condition: keep the filters clean air is essential for proper functioning of our air apparatus.

4 – Help yourself to other elements when the heat is not so suffocating, have installed ceiling fans or laptops can help us save energy and money.

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5 – Take habits to minimize heat in your home: ventilate at night or in the morning first thing cool the room (you only have 10 minutes). The rest of the day, better keep the house in darkness, thus avoiding increasing the temperature of your home. When you go to leave home, turn off the air a bit earlier, as the cold will remain in the environment.

6 – Be always advised by specialists: is not the same cool a small space or a room where the sun for longer … For each case you can choose an appliance or other, thereby achieving more efficient energy.

If you do not want to spend a sweltering, but not pay astronomical figures in your electricity bill, put up these tricks and see how you can improve the efficiency energy of your team in a more sustainable way.

In addition, you, do you practice any other trick to save on air conditioning? Share your knowledge with us!

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