The first OLED TV Loewe commitment to HDR, sound quality and stratospheric prices


Last month the select luxury brand Loewe announced its intention to enter the small number of companies betting on technology honeycombs OLED for its new TV models.

Few details were known about the dubbed Bild 7, television focused on a market with pockets full budget that would incorporate the latest of the latest picture and sound. » Read more

Get the best sound quality with your Home Cinema following these simple steps in positioning the speakers

Home Cinema

We have spoken many times of how to get a better sound quality at home through quality speakers and sound equipment, but not so often we discussed how to get the best quality within our means and depending on the location of the speakers.

And in this article we will discuss how we put the speakers in our Home Cinema, either in the system variants 2.1, 5.1, 7.1 or 9.1 so that the sound obtained provide the highest quality, always clear, depending on the circumstances of our home, as furniture, space or cabling options.

We go from the need to use these cables (assuming you do not have at home a home wireless Cinema), so we will have to carry out small tasks DIY almost certainly, in a previous study of the meters Cable we may need as well as the places you have to spend, but especially the places where we will place the satellites of our team.

And there are real wonders of theater at home that may remain in mediocrity if we do not carry out proper installation, because no, it’s not about riding a movie theater at home, but at least as near as possible with a few simple tips.

So without further ado let’s see how to place the speakers properly to improve the sound in home theater equipment. » Read more