This toaster draws on your breakfast bread with the help of your mobile and home Wi-Fi


Some time ago we could take us to joke that toaster that to carry home a chip that has controlled us (us and toaster) but seeing as in other fields the theme of “remote control” making strides … we will not be surprised by a toaster that draws on our toast, no?

The contraption is under development and responds to the name of Toasteroid (nothing to do with Android). This is a toaster of lifelong but with the difference that has Wi-Fi and an app to connect with our ownsmartphone or tablet.

This is a project that seeks funding for crowdfunding on Kickstarter and for now is on track, as had been proposed $ 150,000 and there are already 190,000.

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Toasteroid what will allow us is that through our phone can print drawings, phrases … any message we want but instead of a post-it we do it on the toast. An example … “does not forget to buy milk”.

To interact with the toaster must use the mobile application relevant on the phone and within it we can use any message already well defined or create ourselves we want. “I love you, you have a good day.” We can even program the toaster for the day” X “printed on a particular message toast: Happy Birthday”.

It is the custom toast toast or 2.0, then we can even use the phone screen as a palette to draw anything we go through your head and it appears in print.

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An impression that takes cano burning more zones than others depending on the pixels that we have given in our creation (drawing or text). It’s allow users to let the imagination fly, at least those who have time to do so and coffee and toast on the run are taken.

Price and Availability

Recall that this is a Kickstarter project now being investors that may be made with at a price of $ 60 in the case of opting for the basic model or US $ 85 if you opt for normal Toasteroid.

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