Bosch TAT8611 toaster, a MasterChef appliance

Bosch TAT8611 toaster

Bosch TAT8611 toaster, a MasterChef appliance that, in addition to its aesthetics, stands out for its functionality and efficiency.

It is seen that when MasterChef wannabes want to get “red-hot” to prepare the best dishes. Like the Bosch TAT8611 Toaster, which, although it does not prepare dishes, gets red-hot thanks to the four elements of independent quartz crystal heaters inside. A great feature that causes heat to be reflected and distributed evenly throughout the slice of bread. » Read more

This toaster draws on your breakfast bread with the help of your mobile and home Wi-Fi


Some time ago we could take us to joke that toaster that to carry home a chip that has controlled us (us and toaster) but seeing as in other fields the theme of “remote control” making strides … we will not be surprised by a toaster that draws on our toast, no?

The contraption is under development and responds to the name of Toasteroid (nothing to do with Android). This is a toaster of lifelong but with the difference that has Wi-Fi and an app to connect with our ownsmartphone or tablet.

This is a project that seeks funding for crowdfunding on Kickstarter and for now is on track, as had been proposed $ 150,000 and there are already 190,000. » Read more