Don’t get scammed by online requests or telephone calls.

There are so many stories of ordinary, hard-working people getting scammed out of thousands of pounds or even their life savings these days that it almost seems to be part of our accepted society protocols. Text messages, Whats Apps, Emails, and phone calls are being used by unscrupulous criminals to scam people out of money they have worked long and hard to save.

older man on phone with credit card in hand
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A message, from your adult son or daughter saying they have a new phone and number so can’t get access to their online banking app.  The message continues with requests for a small amount of money to help them buy a loaf of bread or pint of milk, using your credit card you send them the money and before you know it your account is totally drained of all your finances!  Maybe a threatening message comes through saying if you don’t pay an outstanding bill, you will be taken to court!  You panic and pay the amount and again all your money is taken from your bank!

Picture of a girl receiving a scam message via her phone

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Don’t give anyone you don’t know your bank account details and always get a family member’s advice before following unknown links on your phone.  Don’t get scammed, professional companies such as w2globaldata can help you perform an AML IDENTITY CHECK so you aren’t caught out by criminals who are trying to use your accounts to launder their ill gotten gains!  An Anti-Money-Laundering check will make sure the company or person you are sending money to, is legitimate.


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