Visiting Sligo, a beautiful town on the banks of the river Garavogue.

Situated in the north of Ireland is the beautiful town of Sligo, located on the banks of the stunning river Garavogue, as it greats the Sligo bay.

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Sligo is well known for its rugged countryside, the majestic river, the once splendid but now ruined Sligo Abbey and the bountiful array of historical literature that can be found there. If you are visiting the area, which is a coastal seaport make sure to purchase a mobile phone from a company like Vodafone Sligo, check out websites such as  before you go to get the best phones and deals.  Sligo is fundamentally Roman Catholic with the Cathedral of The Immaculate Conception being situated there. The well-known poet W.B. Yeats was inspired by Sligo along with his artist/author brother J.B. Yeats and some of his artwork is on display in the Niland Gallery.

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The writer Spike Milligan and his hilarious Goon Show have links to Sligo as his father was born there. When visiting the area make sure to attend at least one of the many Irish, traditional Music events that are held in many different venues across the town. You might have been lucky in the past to listen to great local artists such as, James Morrison, Paddy Killoran and Michael Coleman. One of the most well-known music festivals there is Sligo Live, so if you happen to be visiting the area in October be sure to attend.

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