The Thermor Naema boiler house is that you can control with mobile


We often speak of energy saving at home thinking about complicated systems or expensive equipment supply but we consider that in lot of occasions the first step is not as complicated as it at first seems.

If we want to save at home we have to watch over all those elements we use every day, that have adequate energy certification and in this sense the boilers are perhaps one of the most unknown parts. And for the record, the difference in consumption in a boiler note depending on the model chosen.

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In this sense we will talk about a new boiler, the Thermor Naema, which reaches a market where we already find a lot of models. Condensing boilers are called (by law among other things) to replace boilers that have more or less time at home.

In this sense, Thermor Naema is a condensing boiler as so we can find, although we find a novelty in this model. This is technology Thermor Hydro Control with the Naema manages to increase energy savings.

The Thermor Naema is not excessively large compact boiler that can be easily placed as to facilitate access to the controls it has been equipped with a system that allows commands always at hand. Thanks to Rotafix rotation system of the electronic panel allows front to 180° C, thus being able to access all the controls of the boiler.

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In addition and to allow full integration into the connected home has a ** method of control by the system Netatmo. In this way and thanks to the free application can control either from mobile, computer or tablet temperature is in the house or consumption in real time.

Price and Availability

The Thermo Naema comes in a range of boilers mixed 25, 30 and 35 kW, with built accumulation of 35 kW or 20 kW heating only at a price not known for now.

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