Loewe Klang 5, a wireless speaker design to complement the smart TV brand


Loewe introduced a few weeks ago its first OLED TV called Bild 7 a high -end model in which it argued for higher quality sound than standard included lately in flat TVs.

The brand also announced that it would be compatible with wireless speakers and especially the Klang 5 (model included in the promotional photos TV), which has just been officially announced and can also be used with older equipment Loewe, itself alone or in a 5.1 configuration if we have several couples and a subwoofer.

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We are facing a column format self – powered speakers that communicate wirelessly with the TV and incorporating each 4 amplifiers capable of delivering up to 270 watts with a frequency response that drops to 55 Hz.

They can also be used wirelessly with the brand televisions 3xx models and above, although a software update is required. Otherwise, you can use wired or wireless transmission kit Loewe link Klang sold separately.

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Price and Availability

The Klang 5 is already on sale at a price of 3,990 dollars the couple and Loewe Klang link for 299 dollars more.

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