The Samsung AR-9500M air introduces a new diffusion system to optimize air conditioning and consumption

Samsung AR-9500M

Even the cold ones are coming to an end and the good weather is approaching. It is true that there are still a few weeks, varying according to our place of residence, but the truth is that the most propitious time to prepare for the summer air conditioning the house is the current one.

There is no such high demand in the summer months with shortage of components and higher prices. In addition the deadlines for assembly of equipment are shorter and we find the news that some brands launch to the market. This is the case of Samsung, which bets on its Wind-Free air conditioning, the Samsung AR9500M.

Samsung AR-9500M
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It is a wall air conditioner of classic design based on the use of split that stands out above all for the low energy consumption. For this and according to the manufacturer, we find a team that can save up to 72% in our electric bill.

Thanks to the use of the Wind-Free system, the Samsung AR9500M allows to maintain a stable temperature at home with the peculiarity that it will not make us cold to avoid the generation of the typical air current that we have seen in other occasions. It is about getting a homogenous air conditioning throughout the room.

To do this the Wind-Free system seeks the best air diffusion coming from the device and to achieve this Samsung has used a similar technique that we can see in some speakers. It is a question of creating a micro perforated panel that with thousands of small holes allows the clean passage of the air avoiding condensations and obstructions with the passage of time.

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The new panel has a total of 21,000 micro-perforated holes that allow the air to diffuse steadily and uniformly, thus avoiding the strong currents that in specific areas come from most appliances. In addition the compressor has the technology POWERboost that saves time in the air conditioning of the room.

This in turn translates into less effort of the machine to produce cold, as both the compressor and the fan operate at a slow speed, reducing the electrical consumption and generating a lower sound level. And to help us in extreme heat situation Samsung has also added the Fast Cooling system that allows to increase the airflow by increasing the speed in the fans and compressor. Although spending more energy for occasional occasions may be necessary.

Samsung AR-9500M
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The Samsung AR9500M also integrates into the home connected with Wi-Fi connectivity making it accessible from our smartphone with Samsung’s Smart Home app. In this way and together with the temperature control we can receive updates and reports on energy performance and energy expenditure.

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