Samsung is committed to the appliances connected in its new range of smart kitchen

Samsung smart kitchen

The smart appliances are or should be a fundamental part of our connected households, although so far there are few models we find in the shops, giving the feeling of being more typical of fairs and demonstrations commonly used devices available to consumers.

Samsung wants to contribute their bit and this year will bet big for appliances connected with a new range that offers WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity as standard and control from mobile terminals and other network equipment.

Samsung smart kitchen
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New appliances start selling in the United States next November and the intention is that the brand has a bit of everything, to montarnos one fully connected kitchen if you wish.

For example, there will ovens that we can monitor from your smartphone, gas hobs and hob that will monitor remotely and communicate with the hood to turn on and off when needed and all system with integrated LED lighting.

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An intelligence “luxury”

Prices depend on the particular appliance we buy, something that Samsung has not materialized yet, but judging from preliminary indications, it appears that extra touch of intelligence significantly more expensive appliances.

For example, the ovens will leave the $2199 for the most basic model and kitchens and bells will be sold starting at $1099.

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