The best Sony TVs in 2016 has its own name all out with Bravia 4K HDR

Sony TV

This morning we attended the presentation of the new range of TVs from Sony belonging to the Bravia family, and this event has become clear that the technology that seems to mark the future of this line will be the 4K HDR combines the image quality already it offered in 4K panels with that other part of high dynamic range offering a wider color spectrum and better contrasts.

At four major proposals of this manufacturer are added a number of options components in the form of sound bars and developments in the -now command with voice recognition feature that integrates fully with your software, Android TV. Sony also has another surprise: the new backlight system, called Slim Backlight Drive.

Sony TV
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A backlight that allows extreme thinness

We had those responsible for Sony how the market SmartTV fell broadly for all manufacturers, but still no good news in the sector grow sales for TVs over 45 inches and also those that offer 4K, something that shows that the public interest in the big screens with this kind of definition is growing.

A picture that definition has been joined by the HDR technology that wants to out shine the other forward, and that allows among other things can be achieved peak brightness / black level of 1.000 / 0.05 nits.

The new Sony still based on the powerful 4K X1 processor and those three pillars on which its panels settled while the level of detail (X-Reality), contrast (X-Tended Dynamic Range) and color (Luminosity).

Is the difference is noticeable when viewing a TV 4K HDR versus one that is “just” 4K? The truth is that this is in dark scenes lighter without clear marquise- is clear that blacks are blacker, and the most alive thanks to these new management systems and HDR backlight makes the native experience is – always possible to try to achieve some artificial vividness if we do not have HDR- be especially striking colors.

A design is renewed

These three options are added the different options for backlighting of the new system Slim Backlight Drive offers an ingenious way to control lighting panel so much finer and localized. This system also saves a few millimeters thick, and screens offer XD93 for example separation wall 3.7 cm by 4 cm that were offered with the X90C 2015.

That is one of the factors taken into account in the renewal of the range Sony: design “Slice of Life” is based on everyday items and determines the appearance of televisions, which now have an elegant bezel frames (almost negligible, by the way), a thinness especially surprising and details such as new systems or pedestals to hide and conceal the cables so they do not “spoil” the whole experience.

All TVs are governed by Android TV, the operating system that Sony is the best option in the market thanks to its support Google Cast, the ability to install applications and games from Google Play- the catalog for Smart TVs and continues to grow- another interesting novelty: the voice interaction that is integrated into the controller itself thanks to built, as there is a button to invoke this function microphone.

Part of the presentation was dedicated to sound bars that still proving to be increasingly market acceptance and were available in various ranges and options. The system with subwoofer were the most popular, but Sony did not want to neglect other segments and for example provide a sound bar that accompany a sub-woofer and two rear speakers and to enjoy a unique alternative to systems 5.1 theater home.

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All these systems have support for Spotify Connect or Google Cast, and several models have improved the TDLS system to convert these speakers access points that allow enjoy a multi-room sound. Here we also had news about new Sony AV receivers and Blu-ray new players, one of which was intended precisely to offer particularly striking features in the field of control, management and enjoyment of sound.

Four major players in the catalog

The first TV featured by the manufacturer in this renewed catalog is the XD85, which will appear in spring 2016 from 2000 dollars and will be available in sizes of 55, 65, 75 and 85 inches.

From there we have the variant with curved screen, called SD85, and will be available in diagonals of 55 and 65 inches at a price up to 2000 dollars. Also, appear between the months of April and May, and will do with that attractive curve also benefits from the thinness of these panels.

If we go a little further, we have the Sony Bravia XD93, available in sizes 55 and 65 inches and that is precisely the benefits of the new system Slim Backlight Drive. Its price of the 2700 dollars and this spring appear.

Finally, for lovers of big dimensions, we have the Sony Bravia XD94, rising to 75 inches and adopting the backlight system Full Array LED backlight that as in the case of size has noticeable impact on a price of 7000 dollars. It will also be available this spring. Visit for more tech and gadget news.

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