I prepare cookies at home helped our Wi-Fi? That’s what gives this oven via Kickstarter


No announcement at this time a telephone operator that humorously refers to the increasing number of devices in our house connect to our Wi-Fi network. The TV, console, mobile and now even some appliances. But where is the limit?

Judging by developments like this at hand, it seems that the ceiling in terms of connected devices is still far and we have much to see. Because let’s face it, when did we think we were going to cook to serve a Wi-Fi? No longer our grandparents … it is that neither we had thought for years.

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That is at least what you are looking for the smart chip oven, a small device dedicated to confectionery (biscuits more precisely) with which fans sweet home can have on hand preparing your favorite dessert almost without having to intervene in the process.

This is possible thanks to the Wi-Fi which boasts the oven, a development that as on other occasions we have seen crowdfunding is served via Kickstarter to reach fruition.

When preparing cookies oven has a number of innovations that facilitate their use:

  • Preheat the oven that is benefited from the system airflow by which the temperature rises much faster than a conventional oven desired levels and therefore in less time.
  • Thanks to the use of carbon fiber as convection heating element that heats up faster and for longer.
  • Smart cooking why cookies undergo different chemical reactions during baking, detecting the chip temperature at all times to ensure that each biscuit have set.

Chip oven is only designed for baking cookies but do not think you can make a tray to take home to friends or family for dessert. Given its size this cozy oven only allows four cookies prepared simultaneously by making it more than anything else an one-man appliance.

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Cookies do it yourself

The oven has a number of built -in recipes and if you want, more options can scan QR codes using for this mobile. So while we use our smartphone through the relevant application. If we choose to handle the oven traditional way we can make use of the touch buttons, speaker and LED lights that indicate to us as is our preparation. In addition, given the Wi-Fi connectivity with any app on the smartphone and hooked to the same network can prepare your own cookies.

The result depends on how crafty each user is in the kitchen and so once we have the mixture through the app on the smartphone must select the done and texture so that in 10 minutes we have them baked and ready to eat.

Even for those who are not very skilled developers they offer some packages with ingredients ready to only have to place them in the oven. The presented in biodegradable packaging respectful with the environment thanks to biodegradable paper wrappers parchment.

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