Tips for a practical kitchen


Having a small kitchen does not mean that it is a pleasant space. Here we give these tips to maximize your kitchen and you feel comfortable or comfortable in it.

Optimizes space

You must take advantage of the void spaces. When you think about designing your kitchen, you should look for furniture that allows you to easily access all the utensils you need every day. You do not need to charge the space, will give you the feeling that you have no room for anything. You should also consider the provision of appliances, that use will hinder not move around the kitchen.

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The drawers will give easy access to the utensils located deeper. In addition, your back will thank you. Opening rotating systems are ideal for corner cabinets. You can also place drawers in space baseboards. With this trick you earn a lot of extra space.

Keep it clean and tidy

Remember to put everything in place after each use maestros prepare food, help you move more easily. If, however, you’re a disaster, will give further perfect get cooking? Clean it regularly, prevents the fat from becoming embedded in hard to reach places.

Recycling hidden

There are bins modules that are inserted in closets, fully integrated. Thus you avoid having the garbage in the middle of the kitchen. This is very important, especially if you have small children who like to play around with all that is within reach.

Do not forget to recycle. Limited space is not an excuse, that there are cubes with 2, 3 and up to 4 holes to sort waste. Each has a lid which odors.

The lighting will give life to your kitchen

If your kitchen is small and dimly lit it seems even smaller. You can place strips of LED under-cabinet to better illuminate the space. Their advantage is that they consume very little and its brightness is very high.

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