Choose appliances for the kitchen

Appliances for the kitchen

Major appliances

When you buy a new kitchen you have to pay close attention to how to choose appliances that will be members. The appliances are essential given that help us perform better and faster all the daily tasks so it is important to choose them carefully and especially preferring those that meet our needs.

The appliances can choose for your kitchen they are really a lot but there are some that are indispensable and must be inserted inside the furniture just because they are part of the “structure” of the kitchen.

Appliances for the kitchen
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The stove is the central part of the kitchen because it helps us to cook food: there are many materials and different types of power and each has its specific characteristics.

Gas: The gas hobs quickly respond to commands and they heat quickly, they must have a safety valve against the gas leakage.

Induction: This type of cooker is very easy to clean since it is made of tempered glass and ensures a homogeneous distribution of the heat over the entire surface; they also exist of automatic types which regulate the heat according to the pot.

Induction: This is the kind of faster and more efficient stove because it takes half the time to heat the pots, using it able to save about 40% energy compared with traditional cook tops. Even the operation is very practical in fact the induction area detects the extent of the pot used and automatically adjusts the heat.

There is also the possibility of creating hobs combined in practice be able to choose the various solutions that will seem more efficient and combine between them.

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Ventilation system: Typically the most used in the kitchen ventilation system is the hood. This appliance often goes unnoticed but is very important to eliminate bad smells and fumes in the kitchen, to choose it well you have to match it with the type of stove to both the size and the ventilation power.

Refrigerator and oven

Choose kitchen appliances means also acquire a furnace, which is one of the major kitchen appliances. Typically they have a standard 60 cm size, but there are also models with 45 and 90 cm always choose it according to your needs. Some ovens have special features that you should know and consider before choosing.

Ventilation: With this function you can cook a variety of foods without being mixed in the flavors and smells of food.

Steam: Lately there are also ovens which allow the steam cooking of food.

Pyrolytic function: This type of oven reaches a temperature of 400° C to burn off food residue in it and make cleaning simple because you just need to pass a damp cloth.

The refrigerator is a home appliance that can also be chosen to free installation that is not included in the furniture structure. It helps preserve long food and often also includes a part used in the freezer. If you choose one with a freezer controlled to have two separate motors or the controls of separate temperature (will be useful when you need to clean them).

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Dishwasher and secondary appliances

This is the last appliance entered into our homes and is used to wash dishes crockery. There are various models and sizes to choose it well keep in mind the quantity of dishes you wash every day.

In addition to choosing the main appliances in our kitchen there are a whole series of other appliances that help us in everyday life.

The microwave and the oven (a small furnace to heat the bread) are very useful in the kitchen, in particular the microwave which in some cases can replace the use of the classic oven for fast food preparation.

If you love the bar cannot possibly give up a good coffee machine coffee (there are so many types to choose from according to your taste), it is also essential to a food processor that will be useful to cut, chop, shred and mix food (there are also food processor to cook food). Even fryers and electric griddles are very useful in the kitchen as well as many other appliances that accompany us every day.

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