Qube, so it is the smart way of recycling and waste management coming into our home via Kickstarter


When we talk about the platform quickstarter the truth it is that we find almost all kinds of developments. From conventional to the most innovative and occupying this could we say that is sailing between two waters, halfway between the two.

A dustbin with connection to the intelligent network e? That’s at least what promises Qube, intelligent waste bucket of the start-up Smart Qube. A new gadget for home quue among its premises offers an easier collection and management of wastes that are generated at home.

It is educate people with management and recycling of household waste and is arguably Qube is the dustbin of the future with digital skills. And although apparently look like a regular trash bucket is not.

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Qube allows real time whether at home are conducting optimal recycling . Thanks to the screen that includes or through the application developed for this purpose (Smart Qube) informs us of kilos of waste generated and even encourage our recycling establishes a ranking comparing ourselves with others.

We talked about digital homes is that Qube has Wi-Fi and to keep us informed includes a 4.3 inch screen, LED indicators, weight sensors, temperature, humidity, presence and a battery with autonomy for 21 days.

  • Weight sensors, temperature, humidity and presence
  • 4.3-inch screen
  • 6 LED indicators
  • Battery autonomy 21 days
  • WIFI
  • Ethernet
  • USB
  • RFID tag reader antenna

As it regards the appearance, offers a modern design in polished stainless steel with anti-fingerprint system, similar to other modern appliances that we can find at home, so that integrates seamlessly into the overall aesthetics. It has a total capacity of 80 liters, divisible into two or three buckets.

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The Qube offers a bag dispenser adapted to the spaces of the cube to extract, store and count the bags we use. For ease of use Qube opens with only bring hand (has other programming systems to open the lid).

And how hygiene is important, Qube incorporates a cleaning system called CleanBin, consisting of a pill to natural extracts base that absorbs odors, cleans and disinfects.

Price and Availability

Qube is currently under funding and is expected to start reaching their first buyers almost at the end of 2017 for an estimated price that is above the $ 300.

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