The Fujitsu air conditioners include the Human Sensor system to optimize energy savings

Fujitsu air conditioners

The Japanese firm Fujitsu has presented its new range of air conditioners and splits for this year 2018. Some air conditioning systems that include a presence control system called “Human Sensor” that is responsible for detecting when there are users in the room to regulate the temperature automatically and thus adapt to the needs of each person.

Thanks to the presence sensor, Fujitsu’s new intelligent splits systems allow, together with a suitable temperature, an energy saving and therefore lower consumption and thus achieve that we save on the electricity bill of each month.

Fujitsu air conditioners

In addition, Fujitsu’s new splits offer the possibility of adjusting the maximum and minimum values ​​in which temperatures move in the cooling and heating modes so that we can avoid excessive stops at the top and bottom that affect energy consumption.

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They also bet on a high efficiency compressor All DC rotary 2-cylinder Inverter with which it improves the performance offered at partial loads and improving the results in extreme temperatures.

The intelligent climate control system of Fujitsu “Human Sensor” detects if there is a user in the room and optimizes its operation so that when it is no longer there, return to a maintenance and low consumption system.

The line of conservative splits and we will not find a revolutionary design. The new range for the home includes 6 splits of wall, the models Nocria X, Slide LT, Slide LU, LMC, LLCE LF, all in different powers and a floor split, of the LV series.

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