Guide to the Basics of Movavi Video Suite

Movavi Video Suite is a compilation of the various video software that Movavi offers. Instead of buying each of the video software individually, you can now have all the Movavi video software such as video editor, video converter, and screen recorder in a single place. It is very easy to get acquainted with the interface of the video editor. When you load the video editor software for the first time, it will show a pop up with links to tutorials that explain how all the features work.

With Movavi Video Suite, video editing doesn’t have to be intimidating anymore because most of the features can be accessed with buttons and sliders. It only takes a few minutes to get familiar with the basics and start using it to edit the video. You can manipulate the video by adding effects filter. The effect filter can alter the video by overlaying things onto the video such as flying objects, blur, noise, and mosaic. The video editor comes with a wide array of effects filters. Transitions like cross fade, ripples and etc can be added to show smooth transitioning from one clip to another.

The large file icons are easy to see and enable you to quickly locate the file format that you are looking for. You can adjust the quality of the destination video format by clicking on the drop down menu and dragging the file size slider. Dragging it to the right most edge allows you to save the video in the best quality. As you drag the slider, you will notice that the file size and bit rate changes. Get more details at

You can click on the color adjustments button to apply color correction filter onto the video. Color correction tool can create a white balance for your video footage. You can rectify the tones that look off in the video through the adjustment of sliders such as contrast and highlights. The title styles tool allows you to animate the text on your video footage. To type in the new title, you simply double click it in the timeline.

The video converter is handy if you have a lot of videos, images or audio tracks that need to be converted to the same format. In the launcher window, you can click the Convert video button to open the video converter.  You just drag your video files into the drag and drop area and select the destination format in the gallery below. After that, you just have to click the convert button to get the videos converted into the destination format.

The screen recorder in Movavi Video Suite is useful for making a screencast and upload it to share with your friends. It is a fully functioning screen recorder that let you define the capture area, you can highlight the mouse cursor with a color circle around the head so that it becomes more noticeable as it moves across the screen. Mouse click sound can be enabled. It can also enable webcam recording during the screen recording session so that the audience can see you talking in the screencast.

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