Air conditioning with artificial intelligence to overcome the last heat waves of summer

Air conditioning with artificial intelligence

There are different factors that affect wellbeing, such as temperature, humidity, sunlight or our own metabolism. Ambi Climate is a small additional climate control device with sensors that detect data related to temperature, humidity and sunlight inside the room and matches them with information about the time of day and weather conditions allowing energy savings of, approximately, 30%.

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, Ambi Climate gathers all the data to achieve the best system and obtain a personalized comfort according to the user’s needs and wellbeing.

Air conditioning with artificial intelligence

The device is compatible with more than 50 brands and 1,200 models of air conditioners with remote control, it is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, has IFTTT integration and is used through a customized application, available for iOS and Android, that talks and monitors the air conditioning system directly at anytime, anywhere, learning from the comments and habits of the user.

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With the ‘Comfort Mode’ the idea is to communicate to the application if it is cold or hot or if the conditions are optimal, so your Artificial Intelligence will learn how the impact of the different factors results in the user and, as these vary, it will automatically adjust the air conditioning offering a fully customized comfort.

Air conditioning with artificial intelligence

In addition, the air conditioning can be managed through the ‘Outside Mode’ to optimize the parameters in case the user is away from home for a long period of time. In addition, Ambi Climate will soon have a new update that will implement the multi-user geolocation function, which will turn on the air conditioning when the user is coming home and turn it off when the person leaves home. In case you are interested in taking this system to your homes, I add that the price of the device is 149 dollars, but if it is true that the savings is considerable and improves comfort, you can compensate.

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