Do you use LED bulbs at home? These are the fundamental factors that will encourage you to take the leap

LED bulbs

The lights and LED lighting systems increasingly take center stage in our homes. They have done it almost without realizing it. A type of lighting that has been imposed little by little and what used to be light bulbs are now LED lights and if not only it is necessary to look like the traditional Christmas bulbs are already history. The era of the incandescent light bulb is over.

LED lighting is a reality, but many traditional light bulbs remain in our homes. When changing, the ideal is to make the leap to LED technology but if you are not clear why you should do it, here we are going to list a few reasons.

Some reasons that also tell us that LED lighting is not the future, but the present of our homes and motives has for it. The acronyms LED come from Light Emitting Diode (semiconductor diode that emits light when being crossed by an electrical current) and to “convince you” we are going to enumerate the amount of advantages that offer at the time of valuing its use.

Security and sustainability

LED bulbsFirst, LED luminaries are safer than traditional light bulbs. The main reason is that they do not present a risk of outbursts due to not heating up. The traditional, by their way of working, reach much higher temperatures.

In addition and as a value no less important, pollute less, because they lack elements such as mercury or tungsten. In addition, the use of LED lights reduces CO2 emissions by 80%, helping to improve the health of our environment.

Do not generate heat pollution

LED bulbsHave you ever gone to change a bulb after a period running? Surely you’ve burned yourself and released some expletive. That does not happen with light bulbs and LED lights. These do not heat up so much and for this reason they do not generate almost heat.

The reason is that they have a system that takes better advantage of the energy they receive and while in the traditional ones a good part of it is lost in the form of heat, in the LED almost everything is translated in the form of luminosity. In fact * 80% of the energy consumed is converted into light ** so that waste in the form of heat is minimal and almost imperceptible.

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Longer life

LED bulbs45,000 are the hours of useful life of a LED bulb. You may think that it is not so much either, but if we spend those hours in days and years, a figure that impresses us more, reaches a whopping more than 15 years with normal use in a home.

Lower energy consumption

LED bulbsMore useful life, better use of energy … and therefore lower energy consumption. LED lighting requires less energy to produce light and therefore the price to pay is lower in the always controversial electricity bill.

We have seen how the energy used, 80% is used to produce light and with these figures the savings in consumption is important. Not so much electricity is wasted and this translates into a reduction in the bill in a home of 50 euros if we compare it with traditional light bulbs or almost 300 euros if we use halogen lights.

And yes, it is true that although they have come down in price, LED lights are still more expensive. This surcharge is mitigated, however, in the electricity bill each month. Only one precaution. If we are going to change an incandescent bulb for an LED bulb, we will have to check the voltage and the degree of luminosity they offer so that we do not get disappointed and buy a candle.

As an example, an LED bulb of about 14 watts is equivalent to about 100 watts of a traditional bulb and 20 watts in a low consumption.

Easy to adapt

LED bulbsIf something has also brought LED lights apart from improvements in consumption and efficiency is a high degree of adaptation to all needs. We can use this type of lighting under all kinds of shapes, colors, environments … being able to also “play” with them from a distance from our mobile thanks to WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity.

We can use LED lights in places with high temperatures, under water, adapt them to complex shapes, generate different colors with the same bulb and for this we will not need complex devices or assembly systems.

LED lighting allows you to use different shades of light, either cold or warm, adapting to each need. In addition, it has a chromatic index of 80 over 100 and all with a single bulb. We can even create a warmer or colder light environment with the same bulb.

Combination with other technologies

LED bulbsAnd before we mentioned the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. The LED lights are not only responsible for lighting. We have seen bulbs that were an IP camera while others even had a built-in speaker.

Advantages that also use the connectivity they offer to control all their functions from our smartphone even by voice, if compatible with any of the existing virtual assistants (Google Assistant, Siri, Cortana or Alexa).

This is a series of points that tell us the number of advantages of choosing LED lights, both for our pocket and for the advantages they offer. Advantages that make it increasingly that we have to opt for this type of lighting to be replacing the house lights.

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