LG’s new air conditioners come to the market betting on reducing energy consumption

With the light prices that we are suffering in recent times, it is more evident than ever the need to have a range of appliances at home that consume the least amount of energy possible. And within all that we can find, are those destined to climatic the home those that generally represent a greater bulk in the consumption.

That is why companies are looking to offer new developments that try to reduce the impact on consumption. An investment in R & D that usually results in new technologies and functions that are applied to new launches. And this is the case the new air conditioners LG.

LG air conditioners
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They are the air conditioning equipment that LG hand on the market with Smart Inverter technology and with Wi-Fi to control from our mobile through the application SmartThinQ. In this way, the new range of air conditioners are integrated into the intelligent home and allow its control from anywhere.

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The new air conditioners belong to different series. In this case and within the Series 11 Privilege, we find elements like an energy rating A +++ / A +++ and a sound level of 17db. It includes a multiprotection filter that eliminates germs, viruses, allergens, dust and odors and to improve air quality includes the Plasmaster Ionizer system that sterilizes both the air passing through it.

LG air conditioners
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In the case of the Artcool Stylist Series 9, it is also intended to provide a touch of design so it uses LED lighting, which can also be used with Smart Alarm functionality to wake us progressively thanks to the use of illumination. And with the Wi-Fi that integrates we can control it from our smartphone thanks to the SmartThinQ app.

Finally, the Series 7 Ultra Efficiency Comfort Connect has a sound level of 20dB and installs the Smart Diagnosis system that allows the system to determine when a fault exists and try to correct it autonomously.

All models are also compatible with the Multi Inverter system that allows the use of different splits in the interior with a single machine in the exterior, saving space and energy consumed.

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