10 tips for using the dishwasher


Sometimes when we use the dishwasher dries the dishes fail or remain out leftovers. To avoid this we must use good products and also be present when finished. Want to know why?

When the dishwasher has completed its cycle is important opening. Thus, the steam condenses inside during washing out and washing is dry. Otherwise, the steam will become droplets that disfigure these dishes and leave to dry completely dishes, glasses and cutlery

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Here are ten tips to use the dishwasher efficiently…

  1. Avoid pre-rinsing: It needless to pieces before loading the dishwasher unless the food is dry or use a good cleaning product.
  2. Place each piece in place: Washing placed in the lower rack is hot and intense, so you put in the dirtiest, including pots and pans. Glassware, cups and delicate pieces are on the top.
  3. Place the cutlery correctly: Put some handles up and some down to not intersect and leave all clean. Also, you’ll save time when emptying the dishwasher.
  4. Avoid touching the pieces: Fill the dishwasher as you can, without going over. The lower water spray turns freely.
  5. Make sure the pieces are suitable: Not all utensils can go into the dishwasher, look at the symbols of each piece and if in doubt wash it by hand.
  6. Keep the rinse aid dispenser filled: Some products bring it built, but if your case is not sure that the compartment is always full so that the dishes shiny.
  7. Avoid too hot water: It is not necessary to wash cycle at a higher temperature; it will be more expensive for you and the environment.
  8. Clean the filter: Many dishwashers have a filter that cleans itself, but it is not the case attentive! You may have to remove and rinse the filter regularly.
  9. Keep the tank full of salt: As with the brightener, so bring some products incorporated. If not the case, once a month filled compartment.
  10. Make a maintenance wash: Every two months make a hot wash with a vacuum device and a specific dishwasher cleaning product. So you will eliminate fat and salt accumulation.

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