TCL bets to enter the audio market in 2019 and launches two sound bars in the low range


Another one of the companies that we have had news about during the CES 2019 that has ended has been TCL. And the fact is that the manufacturer that we know thanks to its televisions is now betting on entering a segment of the market that was unknown to them as it is the home theater system by means of sound bars.

So they presents to the market their two new sound bars that come with the names of TCL Alto 5 and TCL Alto 7. Two fairly conventional models in terms of design and offering very tight features in order to achieve an affordable price.

TCL High 5 (TCL TS500)


The smaller of the two bars of sound presented and the more modest also in terms of performance. It offers an audio two channels thanks to two 2-inch speakers inserted into a body that is 80 centimeters wide and a little more than 2 centimeters high. It is a bar designed to be used in televisions that measure 43 inches and up.

A basic model that offers three modes of equalization and a connectivity that is served by digital optical input and an analog formed by a 3.5 mm jack. 5. No HDMI connections and much less HDMI ARC as well as being able to use a wireless subwoofer or multi-room audio. In both models of sound bars if we find at least Bluetooth connectivity. It can also be used with the Alto 5+ subwoofer, which can be purchased as an option.

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TCL Alto 7 (TS700)


Larger in size, it is designed for televisions that have 55 inches or more diagonal, has dimensions of 139.7 inches wide and a height of 2.08 inches.

The sound is served by two speakers, also two inches and as an extra, a 1.5 inch tweeter. A model that does include an HDMI ARC connection so that we can connect it with a single cable to the TV and control it with the TV remote. It is the complement to a 3.5mm analog and digital optical connection.

If we want a subwoofer we will have to choose the TCL Alto 7+ (TS710), which includes a 6.5-inch driver. We will not find, yes, Wi-Fi connectivity or multi-room audio options, as there was in the previous model.

Price and availability


The TCL Alto 5 and TCL Alto 7 sound bars will start arriving in the markets starting in spring at a starting price of $79.99 for the TCL Alto 5. The optional subwoofer will cost an additional $70.

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