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Vacuum cleaner

When buying a vacuum cleaner we have to take into account a number of factors to choose the most suitable to our needs.

The first thing you need to know when buying a vacuum cleaner is that type of vacuum cleaner need. In the market we find different models depending on our needs although there are characteristics common to all models.


A higher yield more power. The power is expressed in watts (W) and is recommended to be more than 1,100 watts. But attention, we should not go wrong with power absorption, which are distinct characteristics.

The power absorption varies not only the engine power but also the design of each model; the power absorption is independent and less than engine power. The more power absorption will have more cleaning power, but if cleaned often need less power absorption if we do three times a month.

Vacuum cleaner
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Tank capacity

The capacity of the tank or bag is expressed in ml and the amount of dirt that can accumulate inside the vacuum cleaner before emptying the tank or change the bag and depend largely on the surface aspire. Not the same aspire apartment of 40m2 a 140m2 house and go to the more surface aspire larger must be the repository we use.

The size of deposit or bag we need also depend on the amount of dirt that accumulate. For example, in a house of 40m2 with furry pets will accumulate more dirt than in a 140m2 living one person. Typically, vacuum cleaners with greater capacity are sled or vertical.

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It is best to ensure that the filter is washable, even some models with a water filter to ensure that dirt does not come out. Normally, all vacuum cleaners include the appropriate filters for the engine is not damaged. In the filters we can find various models:

  • HEPA filters (on a scale from 10 to 14) having glass fibers that make dust particles cannot back out into the environment. Usually washable
  • CORE filters, washable antibacterial filters.
  • Activated carbon filters, ideal for homes with pets because they remove odors.
  • Water filters.

Other features that we look….

  • The weight and size: Remember that you have to transport from one side to another house and, above all, save it after use.
  • The length of the cable: It can be a problem if your home outlets are scarce. The recommended average is between seven and eight meters.
  • Noise: For the noise level we must take into account both decibels (dB) and frequency (Hz).
  • Security systems:  Sure having indicators filling tanks or bags, protection to avoid damage by hitting walls and floors…

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