Having a Career in the Health and Social Care Industry

Working in the Health and Social Care Industry is not a career for the faint hearted!  This is a profession that takes a certain type of person with specific personal characteristics if they are going to be successful.  Empathy, resilience, patience, stamina, and a genuine desire to Care and Help people.  Having a background in Care or direct experience of looking after an elderly relative can help with the practical duties but the most important qualities come from within a person’s heart and soul.   To be professional and competent at this role also takes a good amount of training because working in this Career can often be met with Challenging Behaviours.  An elite company such as https://www.tidaltraining.co.uk/learning-disability-training/challenging-behaviour-training-breakaway-techniques who specialise in Challenging behaviour training are the best in their field and it’s definitely worthwhile enrolling in one or two of their bespoke training sessions.

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Teaching coping strategies, how to defuse a potentially volatile situation, distraction techniques and giving each candidate a better understanding of why a person may be experiencing a Challenging Behavioural Episode. They encourage and support their trainees to work out if there are common triggers in a client they are supporting, that might make them anxious or scared and possibly lash out.

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Staying calm, reassuring the patient, using simple clear instructions, giving the individual the chance to make the right decision for themselves, these are all strategies that can work if applied correctly and learnt from an accredited training programme.

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