The basic thing you should know before buying an air conditioner

air conditioner

Anyone interested in installing an air conditioner in your home for summer surely already done so and reported what would be the most suitable for your needs. Of course, too, there are cases where everything is left to the last minute or is done on impulse after a first week of sweltering heat.

What air conditioning is the most appropriate? What should you consider? Well, there is a list of basics. With them you’ll get filter invalid for you, but above all, do not get dizzy in the store options.

air conditioner
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4 things you should know before buying an air conditioner

If you approach to buy an air conditioner, you can live two experiences. The first is that you have to go looking at your option choice and dizzy or even overwhelmed by not understanding anything done. Or the second, that the seller will get dizzy again based questions to see which would be the perfect for you Air Conditioning.

Spend solve both situations it is best to know this:

  • The types of air conditioners are many and they are composed of an outdoor unit that is responsible for extracting hot air and cool it “will put” home, plus an internal, which is that it distributes. It is what we would call as 1:1 configuration.
  • When you go looking for an air conditioning it is important to know that is one – or split – air for every room. It is true that the nearby rooms will benefit a bit but you cannot pretend to cool the living room and the bedroom with a single split .If you need to cool more efficiently rooms have to choose multi split configurations.
  • Better if Inverter. The inverter technology of air conditioners maximizes and enhances the operation thereof. Basically, so to speak, it is a way to enhance the cooling capacity and keep it constant. This not only benefits a better experience, without major changes in temperature, but also in consumption and time needed to get cold the room is smaller.
  • Finally there is the noise level. 20 or 25 dB would be the interval I determined to have a computer that does not bother the moments of maximum silence.

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Finally, as extra bonus, it is useless to invest in the best air conditioning device if we do not have our well equipped and with a loss temperature reduced to the maximum home. That is, windows that prevent cold air outlet and the inlet of hot. In addition to basic tips for our home temperature not higher.

Other features such as integration with home automation systems, remote control, etc are interesting little extras but according to the profile of each value, it will have a greater or lesser extent. I recognize that to activate it before you get home by IFTTT, and so have the ideal temperature just open the door, it is interesting but in my case, it would be something that would amortize despite I like the whole issue home automation.

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