Angular cooking, practical solutions

Angular cooking

When we think that we have to buy food, the cooking surface is one of the first appliances we choose: in a straight line or classic, they often underestimate the possibility of having an angular hob.

This special type of stove is really very practical, space saving, since we can place it in a little point used as an edge, a corner of our kitchen floor, which mostly remain unused.

Angular cooking
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In this way, we will have a lot of free surface usable for food preparation and for other purposes, without waste of space.

In addition, the angular hob is possible that consists of three, four or five burners, for classic plans combined fires: in this way, we will have the opportunity to cook several foods at the same time, useful for large families.

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The choice for cooking plans is that they are in line, for the most modern furnishings and contemporary and minimalist design, or classic in combined burners and matched.

Also for angular cooktops, this possibility exists: in fact, choosing a single fire solution we build according to our possibilities and needs the solution in response to our needs.

Angular cooking
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Just pull more modules in line creating a 90° angle and continuing in this way with different modules, for all the fires we need. In this way, we will have the choice of small fires, medium and large or dual fire, according to personal needs. Also in this case the choice can be between black crystal glass or metallic material, such as polished steel or satin.

The classic cookers instead are characterized by standard sizes and are packaged with fires: positive side of the latter that the space is very small, thanks to the combined fires, while in line fires, the space is greater in length.

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