Keys to buy the most efficient appliances

efficient appliances

Equip the home with the appropriate appliances can be a complicated task and full of doubts for consumers. From a refrigerator, a dishwasher or a microwave, there are a series of essential steps to follow to take home the device that best suits our pocket and combine quality, sustainability and power.

First of all, it is advisable to be advised by the advice of the experts and go to the guides of consumer organizations, which include recommendations, classification of the different types of household appliances with their corresponding characteristics and a series of comparisons between the products. that are offered in the market.

This sticker consists of easily identifiable pictograms at first glance that illustrate the identification of the model, the summary of energy performance classes and to which each appliance belongs, its energy consumption in kWh, an attachment with detailed information and the name of the regulation.

In addition, the label classifies appliances according to their efficiency by categories ranging from A to D- A +++ being the highest and D the lowest-and which is identified by colors, using dark green for the best and red for the worst.

efficient appliances

The energy label is a key aid when choosing the best appliance and making responsible use of these with respect to the environment. Of all, the one that has the greatest negative impact is the refrigerator, which is on 24 hours a day throughout the year, although the increase in electrical items present in homes has doubled our energy consumption and, by 2055, it is estimated that we will arrive to triple it.

For this reason, it is so important to select the best and most efficient appliance that suits our needs to optimize and make the most of its use. Here are some tips to make the purchase a success.

Efficiency and functionality what use are we going to give the appliance? That is the first question we must ask ourselves. We must be clear about our priorities: for example, if our house is small, it would be best to dispense with the oven and buy a microwave to supplement its functions, while for large families it is better to buy a large capacity washing machine. To get the best deals, nothing better than a previous list with the needs we want to cover and an approximate budget of what we plan to spend on the purchase. Planning is the best ally.

Capacity and sustainability As we already know, the best appliances are those that are classified as A +++ , since they provide optimum performance, are environmentally friendly and lower the electricity bill at the end of the month. Maybe to save a few euros in the final price we consider choosing a device with the C or the D, but we must bear in mind that, in the end, the cheap is expensive. We will also pay attention to the capacity, since it will not be the same to buy an oven and a washing machine for a large family, as a microwave if you live alone.

efficient appliances

The guarantee Although it seems obvious, it is worth emphasizing that we must look at the guarantee given by brands. By law, manufacturers must offer at least two years , both in Spain and in Europe. If our home is permanent, it may be worth betting on a firm that promises us more extensive coverage. The guarantee obliges the manufacturer to take responsibility for manufacturing errors or use over time, so that the life of our devices will be supported.

Benefits. Each appliance is a world and has its own characteristics. Some examples: if we buy a refrigerator, we should look at its opening; Not all washing machines have the same programs and some even have dryer functions; and now the ovens are usually pyrolytic, that is, they allow their cleaning in a very short time thanks to the fact that they reach a very high temperature (around 500ºC), carbonizing the fat and the remains of food inside. As we have seen, not all devices are the same, so, before going to the purchase, we must think about their specifications and what is best suited to our lifestyle.

On the other hand, there is a series of characteristics common to all of them and that are sometimes overlooked, such as the capacity, the space they occupy and the level of noise they emit, among others.

Design. It may sound banal, but the appliance complies, although to a lesser extent, with a decorative function. It is an article that will be integrated into the style of the home and will be part of it for years, so it is better to choose one that presents a design that we like and that combines with the rest of the furniture.

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