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Smart TV

Once we have more or less clear idea of the type of screen that interests us Plasma, LCD or LED it is time to continue to raise more issues affecting deciding which TV to buy.

In addition, the next question is whether to look for a Smart TV or not. That is a television that allows us to see the signal received through DTT or more, much more. Moreover, that much more goes from access to connected to the local network and Internet content devices.

What is a Smart TV?

Smart TV is something that we saw long ago in Smart Home, yet a special Smart TV where we address that and other issues. However, it never hurts to remember, a Smart TV is basically a TV with an operating system that allows the use of different applications and connects to The Internet.

Smart TV
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These applications allow us from seeing the content stored on other devices, such as hard drives, computers or mobile phones; and access to services that offer video on demand, online music, access to social networks, YouTube, News, … Much the same thing we could do on a computer, saving the clear distances is.

However, beware, not to be confused with Smart TV TVs have Ethernet port and / or Wi-Fi. These saw the light before the Smart TV and despite being able to connect to your local network or internet are very limited by the software that does not reach to be considered a platform Smart TV.

In those early models, the idea was to provide connectivity to take advantage of DLNA technology. An interesting option for local possibilities as uploading multimedia from your computer or other devices on your television. However, of course, it is more limited than a Smart TV product.

Then, if you want to not only see the traditional TV and yes leverage all that the Internet offers then your choice is to purchase a Smart TV.

I want a Smart TV, but what?

Good question! Right now, there is a battle to prove which manufacturer has the best Smart TV platform. Although here the basic options, so call the ability to access YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, etc; They are virtually all manufacturers is true that LG and Samsung have an advantage.

Therefore, there are manufacturers (including Samsung and LG own not lose any chance) that are betting on Google TV. The most active are doing is LG but everything could change after the acquisition of WebOS. Moreover, for me who could get more benefit is Sony.

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The reason is clear, the manufacturer is dedicated to doing what he does best (image quality, sound, connectivity, …) and the rest is left to Google who thanks to Android, based on Google TV, provides services, applications and other innovations that are introduced as Voice Search.

Therefore, your Smart TV must be one that offers all applications and services that interest you. If ye use Plex Media Server then a TV Samsung or LG by the customer can install would be the best option. Knowing what software level, we begin to assess other features.

Seeing all this we could summarize the issue as follows:

  • If we will not use applications as clients to connect to Facebook, Twitter, check email or simply access YouTube, then look a Smart TV. Of course, it ensures that the TV has an Ethernet connection and is compatible with DLNA. Although this can be solved with a set-top box.
  • If we want to use the internet connection options, access to video on demand services and much more than a Smart TV or yes. Moreover, they not only have these advantages but according to the TV and manufacturer, we can access so novel and interesting services like S-Recommendation.

The most established and complete platforms are likely to be those of LG and Samsung but not lose sight of models or other manufacturers Sony Google TV.

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