Samsung continues betting on the connected kitchen and will take its new intelligent appliances to the CES


Samsung surprised last year with the launch of a new range of smart refrigerators connected to Internet with prices started from $ 6,000. Was the line Family Hub now the brand has updated to version 2.0 with new models that take this week at CES 2017.

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The idea is to place the refrigerator as the center of the intelligent kitchen, being able to interact with other elements of the home thanks to its connection in local network. This year Samsung will show 10 different variants of the Family Hub 2.0, including models with 3 and 4 doors in different configurations, all with a touch 21.5 – inch LCD screen on the front.

They will have a video camera inside to view the contents stored without opening the door to take pictures and add them to our list of digital purchase. It will also serve as a communications and entertainment center allowing us to leave messages for other family members, upload photos, videos, etc.

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Furthermore, it can be controlled by voice commands, which can be useful if you are cooking and our hands are stained with food. These smart refrigerators will be completed with other appliances connected by WiFi Samsung also will take the CES.

For example, there will be gas ovens and electric and induction cooktops, all controllable from the mobile handset. Prices? They are still unknown, but judging by what we saw last year these new features are usually quite expensive.

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