Dyson lets you control the air quality in your home with new purifiers connected


The arrival of air conditioners and new cooling systems household have failed to end the classic fans and purifiers, apparatuses that although they may look old offer more interesting options on the market and adapted to the times in which mobile applications play a key role. And that’s what shows Dyson with new purifiers.

A new range of smart connected devices that tell us about the air quality in our home, temperature and while we will allow to eliminate the detected contaminants and all in real time and leaning for it in our smartphone.

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Wait, my house has an impure air? That’s at least what appears from the data provided by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and cited by Dyson, which states that air pollution in the home can be up to five times higher than what we can find abroad.

And it is here where new products Dyson also have the curiosity that come into play are controlled by mobile thanks to the Dyson application that allows users to remotely control the indoor air quality at all times, so much so since the company in the coming-they are, on started very satisfied with the work done.

“Dyson engineers focused on the development of a purifier that automatically removes allergens in ultrafine particles, odors and indoor air pollutants also sending data from air quality to the user in real time.”

Smart purifiers

For this Dyson has created an air purifier that uses a HEPA filter glass 360 removes 99.97% of contaminants and allergens that can be found in the home environment, even those with a size of 0.3 microns. It counts with a series of integrated sensors that detect changes in environmental conditions and automatically adjust the airflow to maintain the quality of it all in a process in which they have taken care that no noise or disturbance is generated as may be the dreaded vibrations. They also have night mode that allows the purifier continue to manage air quality but in silent mode, dimmed LED display.

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We are facing a line of discrete purifiers, which can be placed anywhere because they will not be a patch, because its design in gunmetal and blue metallic, with a cylindrical base, only differs in the crown, an oval and the other circular lower, which corresponds to the biggest the smallest (table) model (standing).

This is to prevent these particles travel through the air in our homes and thus reach our lungs and can generate health problems and for this we have an application available for both iOS and Android that allow users to monitor remotely air quality inside, even if they are outside the house. Also we can schedule through the app to purifier, so that when it detects high levels of concentration of harmful particles into operation automatically.

Price and Availability

For now this purifier is only available in the Canadian market through the Web Dyson, although its arrival in other markets later this month is expected with two prices corresponding to the two models presented. On the one hand, the feet, will cost $ 600, an amount down to $ 500 if we opt for the reduced size model more appropriate to place on tables or furniture.

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