LG presents the Hombot Square Turbo, a vacuum cleaner robot equipped with video surveillance system

LG Hombot Square Turbo

Companies increasingly more diversified their production branches. Large conglomerates may be an example being Samsung one of the most representatives. A brand that produces a lot of products, some very different from one another. A trend that can be seen in Asian firms and having another renowned exponent such as LG.

The mobile division of the Korean company does not pass through its best. LG & Friends has not turned out as it should and its terminals are not sold as expected so it always can be a good way to explore other possibilities.

LG Hombot Square Turbo
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In addition, one of the trends is to get to the kitchen with appliances yes they can boast of bringing the intelligent name after the name. That’s at least what they want with the new members of the family of vacuums robots, the new LG Hombot Square Turbo, a new series of vacuum cleaners with video surveillance system for the home that also have an engine Smart Inverter.

Integrated surveillance system

Presentation in the LG wanted to make clear that their new gadgets intended to differentiate themselves from competitors by bringing integrated a video surveillance system with which the user can control at all times what happens at home. To do this he will, of course, your smartphone and an app, LG Smart ThinQ.

A combination that aid of sensors mounted with which the robot can detect obstacles or unevenness. Besides the Hombot Square Turbo learns of the journeys made and the information carried a map and saves it to save time and improve their performance.

It can also serve as a caretaker, because if detects motion, thanks to its built-in camera can take a series of images that send to our smartphone. We can even take a remote control from your phone to guide the Hombot Turbo Square where we want to point the camera.

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LG Hombot Square Turbo has a lithium battery with 30% more capacity and twice the durability. When the robot runs out of battery returns only base load, then resume cleaning. In addition, the HEPA filter 11 anti-allergy traps particles harmful to health and expels the clean air.

It has up to 7 cleaning modes (6 automatic and one manual) to suit the surface of each stay to clean with maximum efficiency, highlighting:

  • Turbo mode: Ideal for homes with pets. This mode makes cleaning 30% more powerful than the normal mode.
  • Smart Turbo Mode carpets: The LG Hombot Square active Turbo Turbo mode automatically when it detects the carpets for a more powerful cleaning. After cleaning the carpet, off the turbo mode.
  • My space mode: Allows delimit the remote cleaning a particular area for the LG Hombot Square Turbo clean it twice in a row without leaving this perimeter.

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