Areas that are flexible induction plates

Induction Plates

Flexible areas

It has appeared a novelty on the market in the induction plates, and is flexible zones in the plates.

There are two brands already available to its catalog of total induction plate that is the whole area of​the glass used for cooking, without dilemma in areas where screen printing is to place the containers. Such plates and which detects the container is placed, and can independently select the power for each zone.

Induction Plates
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Flex induction plates

Other plates and more affordable with similar technology induction, is the models with Induction Flex system.

In this case it is one or more zones with rectangular design, where within that area we can place the containers where we want, and need not be a circular container that also supports rectangular containers.

The big advantage is that within that space can cook in the area that suits us freely and regulating the power that interests us for each container.

Furthermore, these areas support up to four containers in each space delimited by screen printing, and can choose the power that we are interested in two separate areas. Ie can choose the front and rear power another, placing the containers you want.

These plates are a bit more expensive than equivalent conventional areas, but this development and incorporate the latest technology in touch control.

For serving plates with flexible areas?

The profits of these areas could be cooking with larger vessels large diameter type kettles, cooking with several containers without being defined by the area that has to go each, cooking and power sources type rectangular containers or trays.

There are different options on the market of plates with these areas, combining Flex Induction zones with conventional circular areas or the entire plate with Induction Flex zone.

There are also different plate widths, to cover all the needs of each user.

Therefore, we advise that if you want to have an induction cooktop next generation, and these areas we can be helpful, be a wise decision on purchasing it.

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